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Water purifier manufacturers tell you to shop a key factor

Water purifier manufacturers tell you to shop a key factor

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    Open water purifier shop first place should pay attention to what is suitable for the promotion of water purification products, and water purification products which have been sought after by the market customer base, many of my friends want to open a store water purifiers, water purifiers but open shop really is a science, not simply be able to do a good job! so in the end the open water purifier shop precautions, what does? Water purifier manufacturers tell you: the shop location and decoration is very critical!

Open water purifier a shop Notes: Location

Open water purifier store front location to be a lot of test and analysis, can be compared with the decision. In general, the former site of the city's business needs to consider, followed by the location of the business district.

1. The city's commercial sex

Open water purifier shop first to consider the city's planning and facilities objective is to create business opportunities in the longer term time, and whether its urban commercial circulation habits for creating product investment entity. Industrial city and commercial city has its different planning direction, second is to understand the local consumer spending habits, and per capita income, because income is a major factor in determining consumer; furthermore traffic conditions and the area of the store, in traffic conditions the test must be comprehensive and include within cities and between cities of. Transportation is a big door for future transport costs, and convenient transportation for you to reduce unnecessary expenses.

2. The location of the district

District is the main place in the future of the shop operators, in the district to be especially careful and thoughtful examined. We must first master the basic situation district; Next, you need to verify the location of the store conditions are met, including the shape of the store, area, shop decoration, security, and even the lighting effects and other details need to be thoughtful; followed by rent and legal conditions ; and finally to analyze the competition number of stores, from a multi-faceted product, location, prices and other analysis to identify the differences, this is the future of their store marketing trend.

Open water purifier store Note two: store decoration four taboos

Taboo 1: counter not placed at the exit

Some stores for promotional merchandise, often display counters at the exit of the escalator, the purpose of course is to make the customer will be able to see and a foot on the floor to sell goods, to increase the likelihood of selling goods, but this approach often makes some customers deliberately bypassing the counter, and next to the counter. You may wish to stop at the stairs to the side of the counter two meters away, and then look at the results, I believe you will feel "home-phase study" Magical. Purifier counter usually placed in the deepest sub shop.

Taboo 2: Do not put loud music

Never store open water purifier playing loud music, in fact, doing so is very good, the music itself can really create an atmosphere, but it depends on how to create the kind of atmosphere, elegant music of gentle, so that customers can linger goers, increase customer stay longer in stores, thereby increasing the likelihood of consumer spending; and deafening music called "sound evil" in feng shui, is a demon, makes people buy water purifier property birth naturally irritable mood, the store promotions can only have a negative impact. Because there is the intention to buy water purification products are mostly from people over 30 years old.

Taboo 3: store color can not just set

In addition to the decor of the color image color with water purifier manufacturers go away. Can add some color on demand, there are many water filter shop inside the store very focused color, some businesses think through psychological tests, such as relatively bright colors such as red, it will cause in a relative state of excitement, provoke the desire to buy. From the perspective of feng shui, the colors inside the store, and the owner's birthday to be, and the five elements toward the store of goods sold consider combining the attributes of goods into wood, fire, earth, metal, water five categories, then according to the owner's life Gua Gua house and shops, interior decorating shop specifically identified tone method is very complicated, we must ask a professional home with family decision.

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