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Water purifier water purifier manufacturers analyze the market situation

Water purifier water purifier manufacturers analyze the market situation

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    As people's living standards improve, we need to become more and more water purifier like appliances. In the current water purifier market, there is also the phenomenon of mixed, so people in the purchase of water purifiers, be sure to keep their eyes open.

Kunshan total Xin Machinery purifier manufacturer found that ordinary water purifier has a lot of deficiencies in the following three aspects.


First, the lack of proper water quality assurance. Because the activated carbon filter water purifier more easily environmental pollution, water purifier water quality people worrying. The total Xin high temperature disinfection of the activated carbon filter effectively prevent it from being secondary pollution, improve the quality of pure water.

Second, large power consumption. Many water is heated to achieve the ultimate goal of water purification, so that a lot of electricity is inevitable. The total Xin used in RO water purifier in the membrane, the water storage tank disposal, truly instant purification, instant drink, both to ensure healthy drinking water, but also saves energy.

Third, the use of high cost. Ordinary water purifiers, carbon filter in use for some time, it must be replaced, otherwise it would not achieve the role of water purification. The total Xin water purifiers, its ultrafiltration membrane with automatic backwash function, can be used repeatedly, to a certain extent, to extend the life of water purifier, is a rare good product.

Total Xin Machinery is a professional manufacturer of household water purifiers and home water machine manufacturers, the following is our analysis of the entire Chinese market to make the water purifier.

First, the water industry no brand concept

     "Water industry is a trillion Chinese home appliances last gold mine." Many in the industry are such evaluation. At present, China's water purifier manufacturers large and small, less than 3000, wants to carve up this gold mine. However, the embarrassment is that there are such a large contingent of manufacturers, plus a huge contingent of dealers more and more, China is not a water purifier to the current penetration rate of 5%! Every time I see online do not know which experts to engage in out of the so-called "China's top ten brands of water purifiers," including what the United States, Patio, AO Smith, Albert, Everpure, 3M, Baokang etc., I will I feel very helpless, in the "5%" of small water pond loach few heads slightly larger racing when sharks. Therefore, the Chinese water purifier may have brands, but definitely not the big brands! Superstition big brand consumer brand destined to be hurt! .

Second, water purifier manufacturers, dealers must practice innovation

     It is necessary to talk about the nature of water purifier.

     What is the nature of water purifier? Filtering out tasty, easy to use water, and easy to use, low cost! In other words, water purifier manufacturers that do this are:

     1, first remove the contaminants in the water, so that the water tastes change;

     2, and then remove the "waste" problem because the water tastes brought filter life without affecting the premise of the "waste" to reduce or utilized, so that the water becomes easy;

     3, abandon the traditional filter, such as PP cotton, granular activated carbon, etc. These vulnerable to pollution, easy saturation fail to bring secondary pollution problem that requires regular replacement of the filter, thereby reducing cost, easy to use!

     4, however, water purifier manufacturers, distributors and what to do

     (1) to boil tap water with no different ultrafiltration water purifier, said to be able to produce energy in water, activated water, π water, alkaline water, mineralized water, water spectrum, NMR water, small molecules water, so a variety of magnetized water can heal, to health care, "holy water"! (These things can be in the business of advertising, pseudo-experts article, on the web, magazines, newspapers, see.)

These concepts impulses directed at consumers purchased a product, however, found in the course of these "holy water" boil the water with the family there is no difference, also did so many diverse businesses that effect.

     Such users are not experts, they will think that all water purifiers are like this, all the water purifier is a lie. This concept is very dangerous, their relatives, friends and colleagues of those who have not used the water purifier, will be affected by this "victim"! Even more dangerous is that more than half of the businesses, promoters and still hoodwinked consumers! People's "little horn" is incredibly powerful, one-sided issue sounds "little horn" power is even more amazing!

     July 5, 2010, Shandong Province Health Department issued a warning on the 1st of Health Supervision, "the Ministry of Health stipulates that wading products not promote any health functions and therapeutic functions", "approved by the Ministry of Health has never worked on water salinity, a activated water, magnetized water, π water, the spectrum of special water quality, small molecules such as water, the water there is no fundamental theory, rigorous validation methods and criteria of science. "

     Even so, because there is no sound-related laws and regulations, and even law enforcement officials believe that these concepts, many businesses are still in the hype of these pseudo-science, some pseudo-experts are also frequently show a variety of occasions, the Chinese people - the world's largest water blind groups, continues to be deceived!

     (2) is better than a large bucket of water, but a large amount of "waste" of the reverse osmosis water purification system at the time, people can not afford to be the devil of "pure water" and "crime", on various occasions with the water used for comparison electrolysis experiments to flicker consumers, but in the case when the installation instructions with the consumer does, they "waste" directly to the sewer, suspected to constitute fraud!

     This machine water quality is understandable, however, 1: 3, 1: 5 or even higher "than water," so that people accept bad, think about it, drink a glass of good water, you need to be wasted cups, five or more cups of water, let who will feel distressed!

    (3) filter life problems fraud

     Water purifier from thirty years ago to enter the Chinese market to do now, most businesses using a technique called "cheat" means sales. I just said that in addition to a wide variety of Shenshui (estimate, you ask a hundred people "mineral water, okay?" On to the street, 99 and a half will tell you "Good!", Which is the power of hype. "Water should students" cup should remember? by creating an "alkaline water" concept started in the business, eventually proved to be a hoax!), hoodwinked consumers' electrolysis experiment "(junior high school chemistry too), there is a business that includes the salesperson Zhang is no ethics, lip mouth!

For example:

UF water filter configuration is:

PP cotton + granular activated carbon + compressed carbon + UF + one to two functional filter (according to a calculation) + post carbon (a year on average for the core costs about 400 yuan)

Reverse osmosis water filter configuration is:

PP cotton + granular activated carbon + PP cotton (good point with compressed charcoal) + RO membrane + post carbon (average year renewal costs about 500 yuan)

We can see such a high cost, a lot of people is not acceptable. How to do?

     In fact, is very simple. If water purifier filter uses less (not more than five basic), it is bound to replace the high frequency leads to increased costs. If you can use multiple sets of filters (7 or more) filtering technology, which will greatly reduce the frequency of replacement water filter will not only be more thorough, and will extend the life of the filter levels 2-3 times.

     We always Xin water purifiers, filters only has nine, ten filtration technology, but there is always Xin intelligent control technology, you can arrange the flow of voice prompts to replace the filter, and can automatically adjust the proportion of waste water, efficient use of water and wastewater really achieve energy saving effect. Consumers need to be able to resolve the concerns and worries, it can really mobilize more artificial Chinese environmental protection industry to contribute their strength. After all, not only to others, in fact it is for our own!

Kunshan General Hing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis water or household water manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers, reasonable prices, quality assurance, if demand, please call 0512-57673568!


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