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Dealer's choice
Given the independent system total Hing corporate sales system and its healthy and orderly operation of the mechanism, the Citadines enterprises to apply for regional distribution partner has placed the following requirements, is also the basic eligibility criteria.
Prerequisites: General Hing corporate identity for pure water purifier market and sell the idea to open up the local market for sufficient confidence, identity General Hing sales system and market policies.
The main conditions:
◆ total Hing water appliances passionate, willing and General Hing companies jointly develop and nurture the water appliances market.
◆ There are plenty of sources of funds total Hing water purification products regional market operations.
◆ There are basically mature water appliances or similar nature of the product distribution network.
◆ have a good quality of sales and service team, and to actively cooperate with the Citadines enterprises to expand the market.
◆ to comply with the terms of the sale agreement signed by both parties, and to ensure that the terms of implementation, maintenance of corporate interests.
◆ dealers timely and effective manner with total Hing enterprise business information exchange a variety of situations, happy, mutual benefit, reciprocity conduct various business activities.