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Agents Affiliate

General Hing water to the "details the achievements of quality, service created brand" for the operating guidelines, total Hing water "integrity, responsibility, innovation, win-win" as the core of corporate culture, products and brands at the same time establish a "difference" General Hing water implement concepts, technology, management, mechanisms, marketing, innovation and extension of the Citadines brand, focused on "General Hing" brand promotion and management, and is committed to become the country's water purification equipment, products and culture of the founders and communicators. General Hing people warmly welcome friends, colleagues at home and abroad with "General Hing" hand in hand create brilliant!

【Condition Agent

 1, the territory of People's Republic of China autonomy natural, corporate, identity total Hing water purification chain management philosophy, there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of belonging brand; managers with good character, a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
2, management, market operations, the ability to channel management; with good financial strength, good credit funds.
3, with the experience and marketing capabilities related industries, confidence in the industry.
4, there is a good business reputation and entrepreneurial spirit, and a small amount of start-up capital.
5, in the image of the company to accept the management and supervision of the operation must be conscious of maintaining overall brand image and Xin water.


Excellent Brand: "warm life, from General Hing start!"
1, agents can share the brand, distinctive brand image, excellent business ideas, good corporate reputation. With public acceptance of brand awareness and credibility, achieve sustainable development; diverse advertising investment: the company on a regular basis in a variety of media advertising to increase brand awareness.
2, the company's strong production, sales and service capabilities designed to train sales agents and bring your strong support.

Treatment agent

1, to provide free professional training and coaching, allowing you to quickly and easily master the relevant business skills.
2, free to send technical staff to do a model project, you are ready for the preparatory work.
3, when the company's new products to market, you have priority access to the industry's latest product developments and technical innovations, so you always walk in the forefront of the industry.
4, strong sales support: the company to help agents develop appropriate marketing plan, planning is also responsible for the complete design and promotional advertising.
5, enjoy tracking service and after-sales support, analyze and solve any problems you experience in the proxy process.


A unified plan of action: General Hing water on their own strong management and operation system, to provide first-class brand image for all franchisees.
Specifically: unified advertising, unified store image, unified management, greatly reducing the risk of business during the early days of exploration.
2, species diversity plan: only one purpose, customer satisfaction!
3. Leaflets, Brochures, etc., as consumable materials, configuration paid pro rata.
4, festive holiday promotional activities, driving the market and buy retail.
5, line of credit, give it a good cooperation dealers certain credit facilities to support them with funds.